Our philosophy

What we do know is that everything is energy and that there is something called resonance. For example, when a certain note is played on a guitar and in the same space sits a piano, the vibration of the note will be heard on the strings of the piano.

Something similar happens to us too. Different energies are constantly present that resonate with our vibration. In other words, when we feel good and are feeing optimistic or are vibrating at a ‘higher’ frequency, we are more likely to resonate with higher vibrations. The opposite is also true.

Our thoughts and emotions determine how we resonate, though it is not always easy to shift our patterns or change our habits. Imagine that you are driving at 120km/h on a highway. You cannot suddenly turn and drive the opposite way. First you need to slow down, shift gears and steering, only then can you set out in a new direction. Before we consciously change direction all kinds of resistance may be in our way; anxiety, self-criticism, stress; lack of self-worth, financial insecurity, you name it! Consequently, the path may be invisible to us. We feel stuck and our focus is on what is not good in our lives. We may not allow the change that wants to emerge to happen.

Everything in the universe is in constant motion, including everything in and around us; every event and what happens in our life is meant for our growth and expansion.

Sometimes we simply need support or guidance so that we can begin to perceive our connection with Source and to feel who we really are and always will be. What’s most important is that you come home to yourself – where all the answers are. To realize that it is the Journey that is important, not the destination. To be really in the ‘now’ with yourself and accepting what is happening within may allow you to experience your heart and not only your head.

Our healing practice is about supporting you to come closer to yourself. It’s about giving yourself permission to transform and grow, it’s about accepting your emotions and thoughts but not getting caught in them. But above all, it’s about being patient with yourself and not being fooled by the thought or limited belief that first you must have the perfect job, perfect relationship, body or whatever to find fulfillment.

This is our Mission, our Focus, our Philosophy of practice as healers; a commitment to working with you and serving Source in order to help you restore balance and alignment physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. To help you to recognize the Jewel within You.

Om Shanti,

Caroline and Kris

About Caroline

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I love this quote.

From a very young age I was intuitively aware that there was more to our existence than we were able to see. Something beyond what our five senses interpreted as ‘real’. This intuition had a profound impact on me from about the age of 9, and has sent me on a life-long journey to seek answers to questions like, ‘who am I?’, and ‘why am I here?’, or more importantly, ‘why am I here again? Yet despite being a very much solitary child, I never really felt alone. I would go for walks by myself in the woods near my family home hoping to secretly get lost, only to be found by I hoped, a ‘good witch’, who would find me take me in and teach me about magical things and the ancient mysteries.

As I grew older I explored further these questions, and searched out what it would take for me to find Truth, Happiness and Oneness. In university I studied psychology which opened a door huge into human behaviour. After graduating I worked for years as a therapist and crisis counsellor in a woman’s shelter. In time I became a yoga teacher and through my yoga and meditation practices, my inner guidance, my relationship with Kris and my encounters with other like-minded seekers, I am finding answers that continue to transform my life and hopefully my clients and students as well.

We all have natural wisdom and a powerful capacity for wholeness within. My deepest intention is to find a heart based connection with my clients and students. My work is intended to help you live a deeply healthy life, summon your spiritual potential, and expand your happiness. One in which we can explore what true well-being means for you.

About Kris

An inner calling led me to seek answers and discover True Meaning. I explored many disciplines on my journey, these have included Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Mediumship, different forms of Yoga including Kundalini and Therapeutic Restorative Yoga. Energetic and Sound healing, Hypnotherapy. The red thread throughout is ‘healing’. I am fascinated by everything that has to do with healing. Primarily my own healing process and ultimately, others too.

I have struggled with serious back problems for years. And like anyone who suffers from pain chronic or occasional, I know how devitalizing and exhausting living with daily pain can be. How it affects your moods, your emotions, your relationship with others especially those close to you.

In our lives there may be many things going on; a death, divorce, illness, the loss of your business or your job. Or it could simply be a stressful period in your life. No matter what, it is in these moments what is important is to take care of yourself and not get lost in the struggle and lose our sense of direction. Healing in these moments can support you.

My goal and focus is completely tailored to assist you to come into your own power and to allow you to discover your true self, your potential and that which brings you the most joy and freedom.






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