Holistic Health Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching is your journey of self-realization, your path of self-empowerment, and your path toward independence. Holistic Health Coaching is a composition of processes using yoga, meditation, sound healing and basic principles of Ayurveda designed to completely transform your life in alignment with your highest aspirations. Holistic Health Coaching is a form of healing that considers the person as a whole, treating the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Through ongoing guidance I also support students in deepening and developing their yoga and meditation practice. The yoga I teach is therapeutic in nature, and based on the individual needs of students. I offer the physical asana (postures) and meditation interwoven with deeper spiritual, philosophical, and energetic teachings including Kundalini Yoga, Restorative Therapeutic Yoga, Sound Healing and meditation.

I offer a holistic health approach that empowers women and helps them to become their best selves.






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